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Asthma UK are the biggest Asthma charity in the UK and are helping us with our research. If you have questions about your breathing you can find loads of information and more on their website.
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Lots of people can benefit from Breathing Retraining - which helps asthma by teaching you to breathe in healthier ways.
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Now we are partnering with Asthma UK to make a version for adolescents - but we need you! To find out about the different ways you can help, click here.
The Breathing Retraining website has only been trialled in adults with asthma (over 18) but you can try a demo version of it by clicking the button on the left.
There are loads of different ways to help - so you can choose a way that suits you! Click the button on the left to find out about the ways you can help and sign up.
In 2018 our expert research team developed an online website to help adults learn Breathing Retraining without needing to see a physiotherapist.
To find out a bit about how Breathing Retraining works (and see if it could help your breathing!) click the button on the left.